Continuing Adventures in E-commerce

I’ve been learning this week a lot about various business models and how they compare to one another. Specifically we’ve been diving into drop shipping and working as an affiliate. These are similar in that with both these approaches you aren’t actually selling your own product. The difference is mostly a matter of involvement. With drop shipping you are pretty directly selling someone’s products, and you go through the process of marking them up for a profit and handling the sales, but not the shipping. Being an affiliate simply means you have special links on your website, and when visitors click on those links it gives you a little kickback. I’ve been thinking about the affiliate model a bit more since I’ve seen it in action more recently. A lot of the content creators on YouTube that I’ve seen trying out products use the affiliate links system. In the comments below their videos they place their affiliate links, and they explain this in their videos.

I’ve been thinking about trying to find a niche as far as video content creation and making a blog with accompanying videos that demonstrate certain video-related products. I’ll pursue this idea a little further and see where it goes, then I’ll report back here as usual!