Continuing the E-Commerce Journey

This week I went in-depth into site layout and design, and I studied a couple of websites that had similar business models and ideas as mine. I made note of some things I liked, and some things I thought could use improving. Obviously I’m not a web designer, but I feel like I have enough of an idea of what I’m looking for and wordpress’s designing tools are advanced enough that I’m confident in getting my site up and running without many issues. I might need to watch some refresher tutorials if I forget something, but otherwise it should be smooth sailing. On this site I already have a blog format, so it will be easy to translate that into my Free Film School blog idea. I’ll definitely be redesigning the look of the website as well. I’m excited to get started. I’ll likely start by redesigning my homepage. From there I’ll organize the content I already have online, and rebuild my navigation/menu system to match. Finally, I will get started on creating new content to populate with my Amazon affiliate and B&H Affiliate links.