E-commerce Escapades

This week the main focus was on finding a system for getting our businesses online. I looked through vatious options like SquareSpace, Wix, and Weebly. I wondered if I could find something a bit simpler than wordpress so as to simplify the business process. In the end though, I realized that the simplest approach would be to continue using the platform I had just spent so much time learning and building on. I could even continue to use this same website if I felt like my business would be ok being attached to my name (since that’s the name of this site). I’m currently just deciding whether to create a new wordpress site or use this one, but I’ll soon start the building and/or redesigning process. I learned a lot about hosting this week, since the school just chose our hosting for us when I created this site. It was also helpful to see the pros and cons of other site builders, this actually gave me more confidence in using WordPress.