Product Photography Basics – Take Professional Quality Images

Making ordinary objects look good is an essential skill if you are interested in entering the world of product photography. While anyone can photograph a can of soda, it takes somewhat more intentionality to create professional-looking images that motivate people to hand over their money. In this experiment, I took several ordinary objects and attempted to “sell” them through a focus on deliberate posing, purposeful framing, and finding styling props or backgrounds that persuade viewers of the object’s quality.

Professional Quality Product Photography

Typically with drink ads it’s a matter of making the product look as satisfying as possible. In this case, I decided water droplets would compliment the bright blue can and create more thirst in viewers. The goal was to make it look refreshing. Something else I took into account was to get the brand and product name in the shot (I took several photos from other angles and realized that they didn’t sell the product as well). I was also conscious of the angle of the light, ensuring the reflection didn’t obscure any important text or logos.

Professional Quality Product Photography

This photo, depicting a Gerber multi-tool. was mostly a matter of finding the right angle. After taking several photos from various sides, I realized that standing directly above it created a great circular backdrop.

Professional Quality Product Photography

Depth of field helped create a painterly background for this water bottle that emphasized the outdoor destinations you might take it to. Here are a few more examples:

Professional Quality Product Photography Professional Quality Product Photography Professional Quality Product Photography

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