Replacing Movie Poster Faces in Photoshop

I think we’ve all grown up seeing people attempt to photoshop themselves in place of famous people. The other day I decided it was high time that I got in on that game. I was initially considering doing something Star Wars, but my wife talked me into branching out into something “less dorky.”

Photoshop Movie Poster

So I chose Lord of the Rings naturally!

Photoshop Movie Poster

I took the original poster from the movie Return of the King and brought it into photoshop. I tried to match the top/butterfly lighting that was used on Aragorn’s face and took several photos of myself using the SQIBB technique I had learned a few weeks earlier (see the blog post about it). I then brought my image into photoshop at a reduced opacity and aligned my eyes and nose to Aragorn’s to get the scale and positioning right. It was then just a matter of blending in the parts of my photo that I wanted. And just like that, I became the star of Lord of the Rings!

Another example of some fun poster photoshop how-to:–cms-32113