Introduction – Welcome to Free Film School


So you want to make videos.

Maybe you are interested in becoming a videographer as a source of extra income or as a future career. Maybe you want to become a cinematographer, go to Hollywood, and make movies. Maybe you are a wedding photographer and simply want to expand your skillset and start offering video services to your clients.

Whatever the case – you lucked out.

You happen to live in the best time in history to make videos. The gear has never been cheaper or more accessible, the demand for video has never been higher, and the resources to learn video skills have never been more available. It’s entirely possible to learn just about everything you need to know about video content-creation for free through the internet.

It’s not perfect, however. There are only so many free hours in the day, and there are literally millions of videos, articles, tips, and tricks all over the internet. Where do you even start? And how would you know where to go from there? Furthermore you, as the student, usually have no way of verifying if what you’re being taught is accurate or up to date. 

The reason I created Free Film School was to begin to help solve these challenges. 

I create and produce videos for a living now, but for me personally one of the most frustrating things about learning video has been trying to comb through YouTube and the rest of the internet trying to find the information I’m looking for. And usually, since I was starting out, I didn’t even know what I was looking for. It took a lot of time, much of it wasted just scanning through videos trying to find what I was looking for. I hope to cut down on that.

What I’m doing here is organizing high-quality free content from around the web into a curriculum based on my working knowledge of video production. Below you’ll find my outline (subject to change) of the topics I’ll be addressing, and I’ll update with links when each new section is completed. I hope people will be able to go through this section by section to help them learn the fundamentals of video production, or be able to use this as a reference that they can skip around in order to find content about specific topics. I’ll do my best to update the content to reflect what’s most current and what’s most helpful. I welcome any feedback anyone has.


Welcome to Free Film School!



The Basics

Starting Out – What do you need?

Camera Buying Guide (2020)

Shooting Basics 

Video Basics

– Exposure
– Focus
– Stabilization
– Camera settings (frame rate, picture profiles, etc)

Audio Basics

– Microphone
– Recording Devices
– Quality/Preamps
– Monitoring Levels

Editing Basics

Editing 101

– What Editing program should I use?
– Computers and Hardware – What do I need?
– Low Budget Options (proxies, low res, etc)

The Next Step – Write, Edit, Shoot, Repeat

Beyond the Basics

Screenwriting 101

– Helpful resources (channels, blogs, books)

Preproduction Basics

– Writing
– Storyboarding
– Planning/Budgeting
– Shotlisting
– Scheduling/Contacting
– Business – Working with Clients
– Equipment/gear – rent, buy, borrow, make do?

Intro to Cinematography

– Composition
– Lighting
– Movement

Production Basics

– Who’s who on Set?
– What’s what on Set? (gear/equipment)
– Set Protocol/tips
– Intro to Grip and PA work
– One-man Band/Small crews

Post-Production Basics

– Editing Workflow
– Editing tips/resources
– Visual Effects/Graphics
– Green Screens
– Working with Clients


– Overview – What Kind of Video Jobs are There?
– Getting Started – Day Job
– Getting Started – Your Own Business
– Tips for Your Own Business