E-commerce Weekly Update

This week I went through the learning process with google ads and using keywords. I learned the ins and outs of using google ads and how to select appropriate and effective keywords. I learned that keywords function just like google searches do, in terms of looking for broad matches, specific phrases, or exact matches. I found that I simply needed to think like someone who was searching for the services I’m providing, and I was able to come up with some good search terms. Google also provided recommendations, which were helpful. It wasn’t hard to come up with the terms because I’ve often searched these things myself. This is one of the strengths of creating a business in an area I’m so familiar with. I’ll be sure to update my keywords as I go, adapting to the data I see. I still have a lot to learn about marketing my content and services, but I feel like I now have a solid foundation. I really appreciate how simple Google has made it to use their tools!