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Starting Out – What Do You Need?

Starting Out – What Do You Need?

If you're interesting in learning the ins and outs of video production, you're probably aware that gear in this industry doesn't come cheap. Likely one of your first questions is a practical one. What is this all going to cost? What do I actually need? That will...

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Introduction – Welcome to Free Film School

Introduction – Welcome to Free Film School

Introduction - Welcome to Free Film School   So you want to make videos. Maybe you are interested in becoming a videographer as a source of extra income or as a future career. Maybe you want to become a cinematographer, go to Hollywood, and make movies. Maybe you...

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My Gear

My Gear

  I'll update this as my gear list changes.   Camera Panasonic GH5 Lumix G Lens - 50 mm 1.7 Tripod Targus Pro Tripod Lights Neewer Lights

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Introduction – Welcome to Free Film School



The Basics


Starting Out – What do you need?

Camera Buying Guide (2020)



Shooting Basics 


Video Basics

– Exposure
– Focus
– Stabilization
– Camera settings


Audio Basics

– Microphone
– Recording Devices
– Quality/Preamps
– Monitoring Levels



Editing Basics


Editing 101

– What Editing program should I use?
– Computers and Hardware – What do I need?
– Low Budget Options



The Next Step – Write, Edit, Shoot, Repeat



Beyond the Basics


Screenwriting 101

– Helpful resources (channels, blogs, books)


Preproduction Basics

– Writing
– Storyboarding
– Planning/Budgeting
– Shotlisting
– Scheduling/Contacting
– Business – Working with Clients
– Equipment/gear – rent, buy, borrow, make do?


Intro to Cinematography

– Composition
– Lighting
– Movement


Production Basics

– Who’s who on Set?
– What’s what on Set? (gear/equipment)
– Set Protocol/tips
– Intro to Grip and PA work
– One-man Band/Small crews


Post-Production Basics

– Editing Workflow
– Editing tips/resources
– Visual Effects/Graphics
– Green Screens
– Working with Clients





– Overview – What Kind of Video Jobs are There?
– Getting Started – Day Job
– Getting Started – Your Own Business
– Tips for Your Own Business