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I wanted to experiment with creating branded conceptual ads, so I took a prop lightsaber from my friend’s prop-making business (Old Scrolls) to use as my product and tried to find a suitable background for it. He made this lightsaber for my birthday, adding lots of personal touches and history to it. I wanted to find a backdrop that had a sense of “history” to it, thus selling the idea of this object as an ancient weapon. I found several props at a local thrift store, including an old leather journal that had a appropriately ancient feel to it. After experimenting with several lighting configurations, I settled on using natural light from a nearby window, in addition to the light created by the lightsaber blade. I tried to separate the product from the background mainly through color contrast (oranges and reds vs blues and greens). After rearranging the props a few times, I resulted with this image:

Conceptual Product Photography

Conceptual Product Photography Conceptual Product Photography

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