My Intro to E-commerce

As I’ve been studying in my web business class I’ve started to reconsider what kind of business I want to have to start. My initial thoughts were to simply to create a page advertising my video and photography skills. This would be a service-oriented localized business where I do product photography and business/corporate videography. My instructor mentioned recently that he believes in business ideas that make you money while you sleep, and this got me thinking (always a dangerous thing). I’m already to the point of being nearly overwhelmed with my current workload with school, work, and our new baby. It would be great to start off my business ventures by creating something that’s as automated and hands-free as possible. So I’ve begun expanding my ideas of what kind of business I’ll create for this class. Ideas I’ve considered include creating After Effects Templates to sell online, or going into stock photos or videos. This way I would make an initial time investment, then I could see the results come automatically over time.

I’ll keep brainstorming and come back here with updates!